The Perfect Family Photo Session

I love being a wedding photographer, but occasionally it is nice to step aside from the stresses of weddings and photograph some incredible families.  Every year I get to see how several families have grown and changed since the last year.  This fall I had the opportunity to work with a new family.  The Pelz crew is a sweet, beautiful and energetic bunch!  Yes, there are plenty of shenanigans involved with photographing four kids, but I love the liveliness that kids have.  Maybe it’s because I have the same orneriness in my blood!  With that though in mind, I know a lot of parents hate the process of getting family portraits because their kids won’t sit still for the photos.  It made me think that this would be something helpful to blog about.

Many parents are often worried that I won’t be able to photograph their kids because the kids don’t “cooperate” when it comes to photos.  While it’s true that children don’t often pose perfectly (or at all sometimes!) I certainly don’t mind.  I actually love capturing kids being kids.  It’s in these candid and unscripted moments that I’m able to capture the true personalities and real smiles of these kids.  Of course, I do try to get some posed photos of the family as well, but I think just as important are the images of the kids when there is a twinkle in their eye as their playful minds engage with the experience of being photographed.  So, parents, don’t worry too much about the perfect shot.  When your kids are older, you’ll love having the photos of their little personalities that have endeared them to you over the years.  A little bribery with chocolate is ok, but let them have some fun too!