The Engagement Session with Aaron Clark Photography

Have you ever had your photos taken and at the end of the session thought, “I hate having my photos taken”?  I think we have all had that experience.  Over the past couple of years I have been actively trying to resolve this issue.  I never want anyone to feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of my camera.  I’ve decided that instead of attempting to pose people so that they look like they are in love for the sake of the picture, I’ll prompt them to interact with each other in a way that shows the love between them.  Since each couple is unique, my interaction with each couple is unique, and that makes my job both fantastic and challenging.  My hope is to catch the quick flirty glances, the giggles, the way he holds her.  Folks, your photos should reflect who you are as a couple.  Love isn’t something you can pose.  Love is in the interaction and the emotional connection. These are the components that make the images a keepsake that will become a family heirloom.

Below are a few of my favorites from a recent engagement session.  Both Tyler and Lacey (but most vocally Tyler) entered the session noting that they weren’t photogenic.  They are obviously wrong and we ended up with some really great images for them to cherish for a long time.