Alaska Part 2: Brooks Falls

In my last post, I shared some images from Seward, where the Alaskan coast meets the sea.  After our time in Seward,  we traveled to Homer where we boarded a float plane and flew to Katmai National Park and Preserve, and more specifically, Brooks Falls.  Katmai is one of the many reasons that Alaska is called the last frontier.  You can only access Katmai by boat or by a small plane that can land on water.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any photos of the flight due to an angry 1 year old how needed his nap (OK, he’s my kid, haha).  We watched the glaciated scenery below pass by until we circled the lake on which we would land.

Once we had landed and gone ashore, we made our way to the welcome center and received a bear briefing from the Park Service.  They said it wasn’t if we would see bears, but more like how far down the trail until we saw them.  Sure enough, after a 1/4 mile of hiking, we saw a sow and 3 cubs at a distance.  They were hard to view, so we moved on.  At about 3/4 of a mile, a bear walked out onto the trail about 50 yards in front of us.  He sniffed in our general direction, then proceeded to amble on up the trail in the same direction we were going.  So we just followed him to the falls, which we could now hear up the trail.

We then arrived at THE Brooks Falls.  Yeah, the one you’ve seen in National Geographic magazines.  At this point I’ll let the photos do the storytelling.  One of the highlights at the falls was seeing another bear mom with 3 cubs.  One cub even had milk still on his chin!  We were really close and I got some incredible photos.  She eventually left the cubs on the bank to go fish.  Enjoy 🙂


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