Married | Carmen + Russ

Carmen and Russ had a grand 4th of July themed wedding celebration this summer.  The event was held at Russ’ parents’ farm in the Ozark farmland.  This was a beautiful DIY wedding – yep everything from the floral decor (from the fields around the farm) to the handmade tables (groom’s father) to the burgers (beef from the family farm.  Super fun!  Carmen and Russ, thank you for allowing me to take part in your celebration!

Dress: Jcrew, Corrina Gown
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Jcrew Ludlow Suit with Brooks Brothers Shirt and Jcrew ties
Bridesmaids’ Dress:
Hair and makeup: DIY
Flowers: 100% DIY, Queen Anne’s Lace and others from the fields around the house
Tables: Handmade by the groom’s father
Food: Groom’s parents and family (burgers from cows on the farm)
Pies: Groom’s mother and aunts
Rings: in Austin, TX (Bride’s engagement ring is 250 year old with silver-backed and hand cut diamonds)
Band: Groom, his nephews, brother, and our officiant
Farm: Tilton Farm in Elkland, MO

IMG_3412 IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3399 IMG_3395 IMG_3393 IMG_3384 IMG_3401 IMG_3374 7X0A0892 7X0A0876 7X0A0865 7X0A0835 7X0A0840 7X0A0847 7X0A0851IMG_3470 IMG_3471 IMG_34817X0A0950 7X0A0921 7X0A0949 7X0A0960 7X0A0976IMG_3673 IMG_3670 Untitled-4 IMG_3616 IMG_3708 IMG_3537 IMG_3629 IMG_3574 IMG_3730 IMG_3756 IMG_3743 7X0A1038 7X0A1030 7X0A1027 7X0A1084 7X0A1082 7X0A1091 7X0A1093 7X0A1097 7X0A1098 7X0A1106 7X0A1110 7X0A1116 7X0A10797X0A1067 7X0A1129 7X0A1134 7X0A1157 7X0A1189 7X0A1221 7X0A1225 7X0A1227 7X0A1233 7X0A1247 7X0A1251 7X0A1258 7X0A1274 7X0A1278 7X0A1285 7X0A1292 7X0A1312 7X0A1314 7X0A1318 7X0A1324 7X0A1362 7X0A1385 7X0A1399 7X0A1419 7X0A1430 7X0A1268 7X0A1414 7X0A14547X0A1488 7X0A1469 7X0A1358 IMG_3825

Bailey | 2014 Senior

Bailey is a 2014 senior at Republic High School.   We did her first senior session this summer out on the farm.  She is really natural in front of the camera so she made my job a breeze.  I’m looking forward to her fall senior session!

IMG_2856 IMG_2894 IMG_2898 IMG_2948 IMG_2954 IMG_2959 IMG_2967 IMG_2977 IMG_2998 IMG_3026 IMG_3133 IMG_3156 IMG_3122

Brinley | 2 Years Old

Brinley turned 2 this summer and I got to help kick off her modeling career!  I had my work cut out for me though!  She doesn’t sit still for long, but we were able to capture some great pics of this adorable little girl.

IMG_2876 IMG_2879 IMG_2934 IMG_2940 IMG_3043 IMG_3048 IMG_3058 IMG_3068 IMG_3080 IMG_3094 IMG_3108 IMG_3186 IMG_3202

Married | Angie + Trevor | Big Cedar Lodge, Branson, MO

Angie and Trevor are incredible folks!  They have been a thrill to work with and have been so much fun along the way.  I really hope they have kids soon so that I can keep taking pictures of them (aka – hanging out, goofing off and laughing robustly)!  Angie and Trevor had their ceremony and reception at Big Cedar, and it was the perfect spot for their beautiful wedding!  I could go on and on, but I’ll just let the images do the talking!

Big Cedar-2 Big Cedar-4 Big Cedar-27 Big Cedar-5 Big Cedar-6 Big Cedar-7 Big Cedar-8 Big Cedar-9 Big Cedar-10 Big Cedar-11 Big Cedar-19 Big Cedar-13 Big Cedar-16 Big Cedar-17 Big Cedar-23 Big Cedar-25 Big Cedar-22 Big Cedar-21Big Cedar-42 Big Cedar-44 Big Cedar-45 Big Cedar-46 Big Cedar-47 Big Cedar-48 Big Cedar-50 Big Cedar-53 Big Cedar-54 Big Cedar-55 Big Cedar-56 Big Cedar-37 Big Cedar-34 Big Cedar-33 Big Cedar-32 Big Cedar-57 Big Cedar-58 Big Cedar-60 Big Cedar-61 Big Cedar-62 Big Cedar-63 Big Cedar-64 Big Cedar-68 Big Cedar-70 Big Cedar-71 Big Cedar-73 Big Cedar-74 Big Cedar-75 Big Cedar-76

Venue and Catering: Big Cedar Lodge Branson, MO –

Wedding Coordination: Leah Hardin with Big Cedar Lodge

Dress: Normans Bridal Springfield –

Shoes: Antonio Melani

Bouquet and Centerpieces: DIY by Bride and her mother

Flowers: Linda’s Flowers Springfield, MO –

DJ: DigiTraxx Springfield, MO

Engaged | Nate + Deidre | Springfield, MO

Nate and Deidre are getting married this fall, and I’m super excited to be part of their big day!  A few weeks back we did their engagement session in downtown Springfield, including Hammons Field.  Here are some of my favorites from their session!

IMG_1467 IMG_1471 IMG_1476 IMG_1496 IMG_1503 IMG_1531 IMG_1537 IMG_1541 IMG_1549 IMG_1560 IMG_1594 IMG_1609 IMG_1611 IMG_1628 IMG_1637 IMG_1647

Married | Erin + Tyler | Integrity Hills, Branson, MO

Erin and Tyler are such a great match.  I’ve had the opportunity of knowing them for a couple of years now, and I can attest to how strong their bond is.  They finally tied the knot this summer at Integrity Hills just outside of Branson, MO.  The rain held off for a great day!  Erin and Tyler, thank you so much for allowing be to take part in your joyous celebration!

IMG_1006 IMG_1011 IMG_1021 IMG_1239 IMG_1244 IMG_1224 IMG_1234IMG_1032 IMG_1072 IMG_1088 IMG_1093 IMG_1106 IMG_1112 IMG_1096 IMG_1087 IMG_1100 IMG_1105 IMG_1141 IMG_1138 IMG_1255 IMG_1267 IMG_11157X0A1178 7X0A1264 7X0A1271 7X0A1305 7X0A1325 IMG_1287 IMG_1304 IMG_1309 IMG_13447X0A1149 7X0A1161 7X0A1360 IMG_1422 7X0A1399 7X0A1415 7X0A1475 7X0A1492 7X0A1716 7X0A1681



Dress: Norman’s Bridal [Springfield, MO]


Cake and Cupcakes:

Catering: Jamie Akers with

Decorations: DYI by the bride and her family