Married | Brynna + Randal

Brynna and Randal tied the knot over the Memorial Day weekend in Branson, MO.   They are such a fun and good looking couple and they are easy to laugh with.  Needless to say that we had a blast.   I loved their reception site.  Thousand Hills Golf Resort is such a beautiful property!  Enjoy some highlights from their big day!

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Married | Emily + Chaste

Emily and Chaste were married in early May at the Kanakuk Chapel in Branson, MO and held their reception at Murder Rock Golf Course just outside Branson.  These two were so easy-going and fun to work with, and it was so encouraging to see that their families were so excited about this marriage.  I really loved how relaxed the B+G were on their wedding day!  I’ve go to give a big thank you to Abby Mitchell for her coordination and decor of the event.  I really believe that ability to coordinate the day gave the B+G (and even me!) a stress-free day.  I highly recommend Abby!  Emily and Chaste, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your gorgeous wedding day!   You guys are going to lead an awesome life together!

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Wedding Coordination:


Floral Arrangements: DIY by the Bride!

Married | Melyse + Eric

I love downtown weddings, and I love this couple!  Melyse and Eric exchanged vows over Memorial Day weekend in Downtown Kansas City.  They made my job so easy.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your beautiful day!

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Maternity | Bonnie

Bonnie and John are having a baby.  Little Gabe is expected June 11, but Bonnie says that she thinks he’s ready to go any minute!  I had the opportuity to do a maternity session for Bonnie a couple of weeks ago.  She looks great for 9 months!